turning data into knowledge

ShiraTech-Knowtion specializes in AI-based predictive maintenance and condition monitoring technologies.


By merging Knowtion’s state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) algorithms and software with ShiraTech’s high-end iCOMOX, we have created a unique solution – making older machines digital and modern ones even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

As a result, we offer you the best of both worlds to reshape the future of manufacturing.


We combine extensive sensor-driven data monitoring with multi-layered artificial intelligence to ensure your equipment operates continuously with maximum efficiency at minimal cost.


Our AI based algorithms are implemented into non-intrusive industrial sensors (iCOMOX) which capture machine data during manufacturing.
The captured data is sent in real-time to an operational endpoint of your choice – such as on-premise or the cloud.


When your real-time & historical machine data reaches our software, it analyzes it intelligently to provide you with instant actionable insights,

which aim to prevent your production from possible downtimes.


Any possible machine or plant fault is predicted any time by our condition monitoring solution, giving you enough time to act and eliminate the event before it even has a chance to occur in the first place.


We provide our customers with a professional condition monitoring system and the exact tools they need to reduce their production losses

as well as additional costs, such as losses due to lost sales or wastage of perishable goods.

Furthermore, our solution boosts your manufactory and eliminates the “surprise factor” from the equation,

rewarding you with high planning reliability.


We provide your workforce with the necessary tools to bring light into every corner of your factory.

We have many years of experience and knowledge in the fields that are the core drivers of the future –  data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, embedded systems and internet of things.


Give us the chance to make your production more efficient and make it more profitable than yesterday,

while transforming the environment into a better place – for our future.


About ShiraTech


ShiraTech is an experienced Industry 4.0 Solution Provider company.
As a technology-leading specialist in AI-based predictive maintenance and condition monitoring we believe that innovative solutions need to be in the hands of people who aspire to use them.


We develop flexible, easy-to-try hardware solutions for Embedded Systems and IoT that enable you to connect your assets with the future.


ShiraTech combines extensive sensor-driven data monitoring with multi-layered artificial intelligence to ensure that your equipment operates continuously with maximum efficiency and at minimal cost.


We focus on empowering industrial experts with predictive analytics to detect and predict equipment failure. Our Predictive Maintenance solution provides actionable insights that drive real-time informed decision-making.


About Knowtion

We are a data science consulting company with expertise in the research, development and application of algorithms for processing sensor and machine data. Our company, based in Karlsruhe, was founded in 2011 and is specialized in algorithms and their application in the industrial environment.


As a data science company, we develop powerful algorithms for our customers. Our focus is on complex technical and mathematical challenges in the field of sensor fusion and automatic data analysis. On the basis of the verified and validated algorithms, we develop individual software solutions, from embedded software to scalable server architectures, based on different platforms, development environments, technologies and standards. These can be individual software modules or entire software products.


We help our customers to generate competitive advantages and added value through data analytics and algorithms. The full potential of the data is exploited and you benefit from more efficient processes and better decisions. In our projects, we enable innovative products, more efficient manufacturing processes and identify new business models.

We are a data science company with special expertise in algorithms and software development!





Our vision and values

We want to be perceived as a trustworthy data science company that applies and implements innovative algorithms and experience from research and development for its customers.


We are enthusiastic about data and have fun trying new algorithms and thus constantly expanding our knowledge. It is our aim to be the best in the selection, development and implementation of algorithms in a wide variety of technical applications. We strive to create as much potential as possible for you from the data and not only want to meet the expectations of our customers but to exceed them.


We want to be an excellent supplier and product developer for our partners and customers. In doing so, we strive for higher quality in the provision of services and in the products of our customers. For us, innovation, conscientious, responsible and reliable action, openness and mutual trust are the basis for successful cooperation.

Our unique characteristic lies in the know-how of algorithms and their implementation in your target system!

Our highly qualified team

In order to be an excellent supplier and product developer for our customers with outstanding expertise and experience from research and development, we search for and integrate the best minds into our team and qualify them continuously.


A (typical) project team from Knowtion usually consists of the project manager with technical responsibility and highly qualified engineers and computer scientists with specialized knowledge in the areas of sensor fusion and automatic data analysis. The result is efficient and well-coordinated project teams in which our algorithm and software developers work together successfully.


Our data science company employs people from the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering and physics. Therefore, we have expertise in finding solutions through the most modern approaches of artificial intelligence as well as classic, robust approaches. Our employees have many years of extensive project experience in sectors such as air traffic control, automation, mechanical engineering, medical technology and measurement technology.

Our strength lies in working with strong partners whom we trust.

Certifications and memberships

We stand by your side as an innovative and highly motivated team.
We look forward to your inquiries and are happy to help you!