iCOMOX™ PoE (Power over Ethernet)     INSTALLATION GUIDE



Welcome to the iCOMOX™ software download page. This page provides download links to the latest versions of the iCOMOX™ firmware and iCOMOX™ Monitor, as well as to auxiliary tools such as the iCOMOX™ Flash Programmer.

iCOMOX™ is an open development platform for Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) of industrial equipment, assets and structures. Therefore, you may find here source codes of the firmware and of the Monitor CE & FCC certified.

Download the iCOMOX™ PoE Software Package, and follow the instructions in the user manual to perform the following steps:


STEP 1: Update your iCOMOX™ Firmware                                                                  Update Firmware

STEP 2: Install the iCOMOX™ Monitor

STEP 3: Start using the iCOMOX™ Kit



Developers Package (SDK)


Download the iCOMOX™ SDK Software Package and follow the instructions in the iCOMOX™ SDK User Manual to edit and customize the iCOMOX™ software:


STEP 1: Build your firmware version, and program it to your iCOMOX™

STEP 2: Build and run your own iCOMOX™ Monitor version

STEP 3: Start using the iCOMOX™ Kit





iCOMOX™ PoE - CE     iCOMOX™ PoE - FCC


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