iCOMOX™ SmartMeshIP



Intelligent Condition Monitoring Box – an open development platform for Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) of industrial equipment, assets and structures.


iCOMOX™ monitors operating conditions from the surface of the equipment to identify potential faults and reduce risks associated with equipment operation and maintenance. This extends the lifetime of the equipment, reduces unplanned downtime, cuts maintenance costs and unlocks potential for energy savings.


Main Benefits


  • Open embedded sensor-to-cloud platform
  • Multi-sensing: vibration, magnetic field, temperature and sound sensors
  • High dynamic range and exceptional SNR for vibration analysis
  • High performance acoustic emission detection
  • Non-invasive current sensing for motor current signature analysis
  • Ultra-low power consumption with SensorStrobe™ technology
  • Highly reliable wireless SmartMesh™ IP 2.4GHz 802.15.4e communication  for tough industrial environments
    Embedded SW and analytics for early detection of machine failures in CBM applications
  • Ability to configure warning and alarm levels and timestamp events for each sensor
  • CE and FCC certified with IP66 enclosure
  • Very compact form factor for external and under hood mounting
  • Various mounting adapters to accommodate a wide range of
    monitored equipment
  • Easy to install, use and maintain platform concept





  • ADuCM4050 from Analog Devices
  • Ultra-low power ARM® Cortex®-M4F MCU with integrated power management
  • SensorStrobe™ technology with 10x system-level power savings
  • Memory – 512 kB of embedded flash memory with ECC and 128 kB of configurable system SRAM with parity
  • Analog peripherals – 12-bit SAR ADC, 1.8 MSPS, 8 channels
  • Security – hardware cryptographic accelerator supporting AES-128, AES-256, and SHA-256



  • ADXL356 from Analog Devices
  • Low noise, low drift, low power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
  • ±10g, ±20g and ±40g ranges
  • 5.5kHz resonant frequency with adjustable analog output bandwidth
  • Excellent long-term stability from −40°C to +125°C
  • Integrated temperature sensor



  • BMM150 from Bosch
  • Low power and low noise 3-axis magnetic field sensor
  • Extended measurement range of ±1300 µt (x-, y- axis) and ±2500µT (z-axis) with 0.3µT resolution
  • Adjustable output bandwidth >300Hz



  • IM69D130 from Infineon
  • High performance microphone with dual backplane MEMS technology
  • 105dB dynamic range and 69 dB(A) SNR
  • Below 1% THD at 128 dBSPL
  • Flat frequency response with low frequency roll off at 28Hz



  • ADT7410 from Analog Devices
  • ±0.5°C accurate with 16-bit resolution
  • −55°C to +150°C temperature range
  • Programmable interrupts



  • LTC5800-IPM from Analog Devices
  • SmartMesh IP 2.4 GHz, 802.15.4e SoC as either a wireless mote, e-manager, or access point mote in a SmartMesh IP network
  • Complete radio transceiver, embedded processor, and networking software for forming a self-healing mesh network
  • Micrium μCOS-II real time OS based On-Chip SDK
  • >99.999% network reliability achieved in the most challenging RF environments



  • Ultra-low power, low-g ADXL362 from Analog Devices for unlocking additional system-level power savings
  • Optional micro-SD card for data logging
  • USB to serial UART interface, USB 2.0 full speed compatible
  • Two LED status indicator lights
  • Up to 2x coin battery CR2477 for extended battery life
  • Operating temperature from -40 °C to 85 °C
  • Fundamental time-domain and FFT analysis in the MCU per default
  • Advanced SW and analytics for early fault detection on demand
  • User-programmable sensor interrupts for triggering events
  • Cloud connectivity via an optional SmartMesh™ IP gateway or USB network manager
  • Optional cloud apps and advanced analytics
  • Easy-to-use interface




Welcome to the iCOMOX™ software download page. This page provides download links to the latest versions of the iCOMOX™ firmware and iCOMOX™ Monitor, as well as to auxiliary tools such as the iCOMOX™ Flash Programmer.

iCOMOX™ is an open development platform for Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) of industrial equipment, assets and structures. Therefore, you may find here source codes of the firmware and of the Monitor.


Download the iCOMOX™ SMIP Software Package, and follow the instructions in the user manual to perform the following steps:

STEP 1: Upgrade the iCOMOX™ firmware

STEP 2: Install the iCOMOX™ Monitor

STEP 3: Start using the iCOMOX™ Kit



Developers Package (SDK)


Download the iCOMOX™ SDK Package and follow the instructions in the iCOMOX™ SDK User Manual to edit and customize the iCOMOX™ software:

STEP 1: Build your firmware version, and program it to the iCOMOX™

STEP 2: Build and run your own iCOMOX™ Monitor version

STEP 3: Start using the iCOMOX™ Kit








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